Why Travel Insurance is a Must for Your Next Adventure

The reason a Travel Insurance matters

In the process of planning a trip, the first arrangements that come to our mind are the flights, accommodations, the necessary visas, the clothes you’re going to wear… the list goes on… (Might help you the Travel Resources  I use for it, check it out!), but travel insurance is sometimes the big forgotten one, and it shouldn’t be.

It’s very important to have a good insurance that covers any eventuality to make your adventure a success. You never know what might happen! After all, we live in an unpredictable world and face the unexpected constantly.


Right after having bought everything we need for our trip, when it comes to hiring the insurance, we think it’s expensive and with this extra purchase the trip’s price increases, making the total cost quite expensive. But give this idea a second thought, what if something goes wrong when you are abroad? How much will it cost you to cover those expenses on your own?

Maybe it’s not so worth saving that money when your peace of mind it’s at stake.  Knowing that you will be protected against any incident, makes the difference. The truth is that anything can happen from the moment you leave home.


What does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance exists to help you out in adverse situations. We can never fully anticipate for every scenario, but for any eventuality you have coverage for medical expenses, theft, luggage damage, flight delays, early returns, … and you do not have to pay anything at all.

Nowadays I no longer travel without a travel insurance! I confess that it has not always been like that. Fortunately (and unconsciously) I have ventured into cities like Cairo, Bangkok and Mexico DF. I admit I’ve been extremely lucky since not even the slightest incident happened to me.

Later on, in Sharm El Sheikh, it was the first time I had the opportunity to prove how important it’s being covered by one.  In the most unexpected way, I slipped and fell on the reefs while snorkeling. I didn’t hurt much (only scratches) but I saved a few euros between the visit to the doctor and the medicines I had to buy.

Travel Insurance Wrap Up

In short, on pursuing your perfect adventure, you need not risk and assume undetermined costs in case of any eventuality. While traveling, protect yourself and take your travel insurance with you!

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