Practical Products you need for your Trips

One question that may arise when preparing for your trip is “what do I pack for this trip”? I know, as a frequent traveler, it has happened to me. So, I’ve compiled this travel gear packing guide covering all my favorite electronic products for being practical and lightweight.

I always carry them with me, regardless of the destination or the length of the trip. They are my must-haves and I couldn’t go without them.

The fact of gathering them in this guide makes me realize that in terms of travel, less is also more, so I strongly recommend that you invest in that equipment that is really essential for you, and most of all avoid excess baggage. Also, invest in high quality-gear that is also lightweight and long-lasting, it makes you save money.

Below I show you the products I take always with me in my carry on suitcase, whether it’s a getaway or a long term trip… These travel essentials are the basics for nearly every type of trip and will help you organize for it. You can get all of them on Amazon.

A continuación te muestro los productos que llevo en mi maleta, ya se trate de una escapada de pocos días o viajes largos… Todos ellos los puedes encontrar todos ellos en Amazon.

Electronic Gear

Photography Gear


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