Practical Products you need for your Trips

One question that may arise when preparing for your trip is “what do I pack for this trip”? I know, as a frequent traveler, it has happened to me. So, I’ve compiled this travel gear packing guide covering all my favorite electronic products for being practical and lightweight.

I always carry them with me, regardless of the destination or the length of the trip. They are my must-haves and I couldn’t go without them.

The fact of gathering them in this guide makes me realize that in terms of travel, less is also more, so I strongly recommend that you invest in that equipment that is really essential for you, and most of all avoid excess baggage. Also, invest in high quality-gear that is also lightweight and long-lasting, it makes you save money.

Below I show you the products I take always with me in my carry on suitcase, whether it’s a getaway or a long term trip… These travel essentials are the basics for nearly every type of trip and will help you organize for it. You can get all of them on Amazon.

Electronic Gear

New Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB) – Silver

Apple Ipad Mini

E-Reader Kindle

Apple iPhone XR (64GB) – White

WD 2TB Portable External Hard Drive

Quick Wall Charger for smartphone or tablet

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

Photography Gear

Waterproof Digital Action Camera

Selfie Stick Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter

Memory Card with Adapter

Backpack for Camera and Accessories


Stainless Steel Water Bottle 24 oz

Ultra Soft, Lightweight for Travel

Sleeping Bag Liner Travel Sheet

Travel Pillow, 3D Eye Masks

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