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About Me

About me and My Lifetime Journey. A Travel and Lifestyle blog.

Hi! I’m Olga and currently I live in Spain (Madrid).
I declare myself passionate about traveling and all the places and experiences that inspire.

Like you, I am always immersed in a multitude of tasks at once, so I highly value receiving help in the form of useful, direct, sincere and reliable information.

About My Lifetime Journey Blog

My Lifetime Journey aims to offer you the inspiration to get to know places and experiences unique in the world as well as put in your hands all the necessary information. 

Therefore, here you will find detailed travel guides, itineraries, tips, tricks and much more. All these will help you get the most out of your leisure time and vacation.

So far I have enjoyed traveling through 4 Continents, explored over 50 Countries and was enraptured by 6 Wonders of the World

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“I haven’t been Everywhere, but it’s on my List”