The El Caminito del Rey Path. A well-planned visit

How to get there on public transport

Congrats! At last, you have got tickets to visit The El Caminito del Rey Path, but after surfing the Internet, you realize that you don’t find precise directions on how to go there on public transport, or what you find confuses you. That’s what happened to me, so I’m writing this post to give you all the information you need to get there by train and some practical facts and recommendations.

The El Caminito del Rey Path had been on my bucket list for a long time, but making the arrangements is not so easy, first you must get the tickets in advance and also take into account the weather; but one day the stars aligned and I could get 1 ticket. 

It took a long time, but the wait was worth it; I found the experience remarkable and enjoyed it to the fullest.

The El Caminito del Rey Path. What is it about and history

Before diving into the visit itself to The El Caminito del Rey path, let’s go with a brief introduction and history details. El Caminito del Rey, is located in Málaga’s center province, 60 km away from the capital. Starts in the municipality of Ardales, crosses Antequera, and concludes in El Chorro (Alora). 



This is a passage built on the vertical walls of the gorge of Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, (a canyon carved by the river Guadalhorce) a pedestrian boardwalk, hanging from the river at a distance of 100 meters, has a length of 3 km and a width of just 1 meter.

In 1866 the Loring family detected the possibility of using the Guadalhorce river through the Los Gaitanes gorge, taking advantage of the 100-meter drop in water to produce electricity. They built this passage to facilitate the working men the maintenance work of this hydro-electrical plant.

When the works were finished, King Alfonso XIII came to inaugurate this magnificent dam in 1921, and from this moment on  people named that path “Caminito del Rey”, and so remains today.

The El Caminito del Rey. Facts

The path to The El Caminito del Rey starts at Ardales (northern access) and ends at El Chorro (south access). It’s a linear tour, not circular, that mean one way direction and descendant from North (Ardales) to South (El Chorro). 

The route has a total length of 7.7 km (2 hour 30 minutes), of which 3 km are of boardwalk.

To help you find your location, here’s a map:

How to get there from Malaga by train

You can easily get there by train, from Malaga (Maria Zambrano Station), get off at the last stop in El Chorro (south access) and then take a shuttle bus to Ardales (north access) where the El Caminito del Rey starts. 

From El Chorro to Ardales the journey takes  20 minutes. Once you get off the bus, you will find the main access gate 2 kilometers along a trail path.

Train Timetable

Departure: Malaga María Zambrano Train station to El Chorro at 08:58 am, arriving at 9:37 am
Return: El Chorro to Malaga Maria Zambrano at 1:51 pm and 9:07 pm.

Shuttle bus Timetable

Autocares Rivero operates this route. The bus stop is located in front of the train station. Tickets are available for purchase from the bus driver on the day of the tour for 1.55 euros each way. Cash only, no credit cards accepted.

Bus schedule: from 7:50 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Take note that the 10 a.m. ride is the best option.

The El Caminito del Rey visit and tickets information

The tickets for this visit can be purchased online through the official website or in person at the main entrance.
When buying them at the office, you get your money back in case they cancel the visit for weather reasons. 

If you buy your ticket online, they don’t refund your money, but give you the option to book for another time.

General admission Price: 10 euros
Guide: Visit 18 euros

Visiting Hours 

Winter:  Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm
Summer: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 to 5:20 pm 


Keep in mind

Important to note, when getting the ticket you need to buy a pass between 11:00 and 12:30 if you want to be on the return train at 1:51 pm.
Taking the train at 08:58 am you will arrive at 9:37 am to El Chorro.
Then you have to add the shuttle bus ride (20 minutes) plus another 15 minutes to walk 2 km to the control office where the staff will validate the tickets.

What to pack for El Caminito del Rey

You need not pack many things, but these I list are the essential ones:

•Comfortable shoes
•Snack and water. Keep in mind that you will walk about 2 kilometers along green trails until you reach the main entrance, (where there are toilets and vending machines with water). At the same train station in El Chorro you can get water and something to eat too.

My Thoughts on The El Caminito del Rey Path

I went for the guided tour, and it amazed me. The guide informed us in a very fun way about the history and biodiversity of the place, so I would definitely recommend the guided tour.

I hope this article about getting to the El Caminito del Rey by public transport was useful to you.

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