Camiguin: A 2-day-trip on the “Island born of Fire”

Camiguin, is known as “the island born of fire” due to volcanic eruptions that shaped the province. In fact, it’s also known for being the island with the most active volcanoes in the world per square kilometer. To help you when visiting the island, in this guide you will find practical information on what to do in a 2-day-trip on Camiguin.

Unlike any other island in the Philippines, not only has a varied and lush forest that makes it unforgettable, but among its many attractions are spectacular waterfalls, postcard landscapes, black sand beaches and white sand “White Island”, hot and cold springs pools and amazing snorkeling spots. Curious about it?

How to get to Camiguin

Because of the proximity between Bohol and Camiguin, the most common way is to go by the ferry. The island has 2 main ports: Balbagon and Benoni.

From Bohol, the ferry departs from the port of Jagna to Balbagon. Then, to get to Jagna, you can take a bus. We went from Anda and it takes 30 minutes.

As for the ferry, Super Shuttle sails the route, with only one departure per day, at 1 pm. The duration of the trip is approximately 3 hours, although it depends on the sea conditions.

The ticket price is 425 Php and you can either book it online or buy it right at the port office. Although if you buy it at the port office, it is best to go at least 3 hours in advance.

In addition, there are daily flights from Manila or Cebu, with the low-cost airlines Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air.

Getting around

You have several options to get around the island: the first is by public transport (tricycles and jeepneys), or if you prefer to be on your own, you can rent a scooter at the price of Php 300 per day approximately.

On the other hand, if you prefer not to drive and head right to the highlights, you can hire a jeepney or tricycle with a driver. This is what we did. We rented a colorful jeepney for a day at the price of Php 1,400.

Where to stay

Keep in mind that there are not much hotel options on this island and they mostly concentrated on Mambajao within the Agoho and Yumbing neighborhoods.

We booked at Camiguin Island Home (Camiguin Circumferential Road). The hotel is located in Catarman, overlooking the beach (it has a private beach), the rooms were clean, included breakfast and the staff was friendly.

Where to eat

  • La Dolce Vita (Camiguin Circumferential Road, Mambajao). An Italian restaurant with delicious wood-fired oven pizzas. Plus affordable prices.
  • Luna Ristorante (Camiguin Circumferential Road, Barangay Yumbing, Mambajao). Another Italian restaurant with excellent pizzas and pastas.

What to do in Camiguin in 2 days

In my opinion, the best way to explore the island is to drive along the road, both along the coastal road and the inland road; from the jeepney, we discovered an impressive landscape. There are currently seven active volcanoes, and fortunately, as the guide told us, the volcanoes erupt one at a time.

Here are the best activities to enjoy if you spend 2 days on the island:


You will find them hidden among the mountains, but don’t miss the opportunity to refresh yourself in these wonderful waterfalls:

Tuasan Falls

This waterfall is very popular with the locals. You access it by walking a few meters from the bus stop and after the souvenir shops. I found it very scenic for its unique stone formations and the abundant flow of cold water. To get in you have to pay a municipal fee of Php 50.

Katibawasan Falls


This stunning waterfall, with a drop of over 70 meters, considered the highest on the island, it’s really impressive… The pool at the base of the waterfall is perfect for swimming, although the water is freezing cold. It is also well-kept.

The entrance fee is Php 50.

Hot springs and y natural pools

Because Camiguin is a land of volcanoes, the island boasts an abundance of hot springs, much appreciated among locals and visitors as well. We enjoyed these three and loved them:

Santo Niño Cold Spring Waters

These swimming pools of natural waters are really freezing cold. However, the water is crystal clear and with fish. They are very popular with the locals. Pay Php 50 entrance fee and another Php 50 if you want to get a picnic table.

Bura Sodawater Pool

Medicinal waters in two sparkling pools. The place also has picnic tables to eat and spend the day. The cost of a table is Php 70.

Hibok Hibok Arden Hot Spring Waters

I recommend visiting them late in the day, so you can relax with the change in temperature of its waters. It has 3 pools with a different range of temperatures. I personally loved the experience. The entrance fee is 50 Php.

Historical site

Old Guiob Church ruins. In Catarman, only the remains of this church are left. It was built during the Spanish colonial period, in the 19th century. The ambiance of peace and serenity that surrounds the place surprised me.


Only a short distance from the church is the old cemetery of the town, which sank several meters into the ocean because of the volcanic eruption of Mount Hibok-Hibok in 1871. Because of the terrible eruption, much of the town of Catarman was destroyed and the local cemetery sank. Today a solitary cross marks the site in the water, now called The Sunken Cemetery.


White Island 

It is an enormous tongue of white sand and crystal clear waters just 15 minutes by boat north of Camiguin. The main activities on this islet are snorkeling and sunbathing. Since there is no shade for shelter, being here for 1 to 2 hours is more than enough. However, you will enjoy some amazing views towards Camiguin.


To get there you have to take a bangka at the boat terminal in Yumbing (Mambajao), the price for 4 people is 450 Php + fees of Php 50. Then, price for renting a vest plus snorkel kit is Php 100.

Mantigue Island

Another island that is definitely worth visiting is Mantigue Island. This island is a little bigger than White Island, it is located 3.5 km southeast of Camiguin. And here there is shade to shelter you because the vegetation is lush.

Spectacular reefs surround the island with lots of marine life, I really enjoyed snorkeling in its crystal clear blue waters.

From Mahinog port it takes 20 minutes to get there. The price is 600 Php for a bankga of 6 people plus 30 Php for an environmental fee.

Good to know

  • The best time of the year to visit Camiguin is from June to November, unlike the rest of the Philippine islands
  • Recommended time in Camiguin: 3 full days to enjoy to the fullest the many attractions the island offers.

Camiguin Guide Final Thoughts

Camiguin is a unique island that because of its many attractions, its landscapes, beaches and the friendliness of its people is undoubtedly worth a visit. I hope this guide, focused on what to do on Camiguin in 2 days, will help and inspire you when preparing for your trip.

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